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This "workshop" style session is open twice per month to take your questions even if you are not a regular client. Bring your questions and be ready to learn! We all have money questions we were too afraid to ask. With small group coaching, you can get your questions addressed in a supportive environment. 



Daniel Rakiec

Daniel is a Ramsey Preferred Financial from Beantown, USA aka Boston, MA. He went from a negative net-worth to an everyday millionaire in less than 10 years and coaches clients through the nitty-gritty details of being financially free.


No upcoming events at the moment

Here is what you can expect:

  • Questions submitted beforehand and live.

  • 1-hour per session

  • An engaging, informative, and encouraging time focused on you.

From goal setting to the nitty gritty details - helping you achieve your goals is our highest priority. Select your session above or click the chat button below to connect directly with a coach.

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